INESC-ID has been awarded shy of one million euros in FCT funding from the latest call for research projects, in a spread of Research, Development and Innovation corresponding to over a quarter of the successfully-funded projects across its two relevant evaluation panels.

On 27 July FCT released the results of the 2022 call for R&D projects across all scientific domains. Of the 630 projects selected to share a funding pot of 74,8 million euros, eight involve INESC-ID researchers, with: six projects coordinated by INESC-ID principal investigators, one project co-coordinated by an INESC-ID researcher and another in which INESC-ID researchers will collaborate.

Of the 57 applications deemed eligible for evaluation across the two panels — “Computer and Information Sciences and Informatics” (CISI) and “Electrical and Electronic Engineering” (EEE) — covering the six funded projects coordinated by INESC-ID PIs, only 22 were successful. This means that INESC-ID alone swooped-up 27% of the total number of projects awarded funding across the CISI and EEE panels.

Advancing the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), these eight projects cover two FCT funding modalities (“Scientific research and technological development projects” and “Exploratory projects”), a wide range of topics and six of INESC-ID’s eleven research areas: Distributed, Parallel and Secure Systems (DPSS), Automated Reasoning and Software Reliability (ARSR), Artificial Intelligence for People and Society (AIPS), High Performance Computing Architectures and Systems (HPCAS), Graphics and Interaction (GI), Information and Decision Support Systems (IDSS).